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A multi-km3 sized Neutrino Telescope

KM3NeT, a future European deep-sea research infrastructure, will host a neutrino telescope with a volume of several cubic kilometres at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea that will open a new window on the Universe.


A KM3NeT detection unit being assembled like a string of sparkling beads. Seventeen optical modules are already connected to the slim black/reddish coloured backbone cable. One more and then this detection unit is ready for deployment in the deep sea of the Mediterranean and the next string can be assembled.

Now that the construction of KM3NeT-phase1 has started, KM3NeT has defined the next step in the realisation of the research infrastructure in the deep seas of the Mediterranean: KM3NeT1.5 to conduct Astroparticle & Oscillations Resreach with Cosmics in the Abyss with ARCA and ORCA.

More in the KM3NeT Strategy Document