KM3NeT-Fr – Cable comes to shore

KM3NeT-Fr: Laying the MEOC toward the powerhut at the beach23 Dec 2014: For KM3NeT-Fr, about 45 km off-shore Toulon, France, the Main Electro-Optical Cable (MEOC) connecting the deep-sea infrastructure with the shore was deployed. This is a major step in the construction of the KM3NeT-Fr installation site. The main cable lands in a power station at the beach of Les Sablettes, La Seyene sur Mer in the South of France. From there a land cable station with the control room of the shore station where the signals from the deep sea are collected, processed and submitted further over the internet to the central data repository in the computer centre in Lyon, France. More on KM3NeT-Fr.