KM3NeT and Arts

KM3NeT is proud to be a source of inspiration for many different artists across Europe. Its physics, its detector design and its location in the deep sea appears inspire to artistic expressions from theater plays, movies, music, drawings and pictures. Here we started to build a collection of these artistic expressions. Below an incomplete list.


April 2019 – The Dutch artist Floris Tilanus made a drawing featuring the artist’s impression of the KM3NeT detector in the central entrance hall of Nikhef, the dutch national institute for subatomic physics in Amsterdam. Marco Kraan made a video impression of the making of the drawing. (Copyright picture Nikhef licensed Under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC 4.0)

October 2018 – Tomás Saraceno, Multi-Messenger Control Room in Palais de Tokyo (Paris), 17/10/2018 – 6/1/2019


October 2018 – Laurent Mulot, Adoption, 9 October 2018


June 2018 – The Dutch photographer Jos Jansen published a photo book with the title ‘UNIVERSE – Facts in the post-truth era’. Among others, it includes a beautiful photo of the KM3NeT optical module. (Copyright picture Jos Jansen.)