One of the first objectives of the KM3NeT-INFRADEV project was to consider the creation of a legal entity for the KM3NeT 2.0 research infrastructure, whose size and complexity required a legal framework. During the project, the partners involved explored the possibility of implementing a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC), prepared the legal documents and meetings necessary for its creation.

Along with the project’s partners, this preparation involved the expected initial founders of the legal entity, i.e. the ministries of France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany and the Netherlands.

The outputs of the efforts done resulted in the production of three deliverables:

  • D2.1 – A Report providing the legal entity’s legal documents and statutes
  • D2.2 – Minutes for Connecting the KM3NeT project with the Ministries
  • D2.3 – ERIC Statutes

Regarding the singularity of these results, D2.1 and D2.3 were not meant to be public. However, D2.2 was published in the Project outputs section, in order to share best practices and lessons learned regarding the creation of an ERIC.

KM3NeT-INFRADEV was supported by the European Commission Framework Programme Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation action under grant agreement n. 739560.