Outcomes and impacts of the KM3NeT-INFRADEV2 project


Addressing various objectives within specific work packages (WP), the outputs and anticipated impacts of the KM3NeT-INFRADEV2 project are multifold. First, whether in (astro)particle physics, multi-messenger investigations or sea sciences, the KM3NeT Research Infrastructure strongly participates to the opening of new windows and the strengthening of multiple initiatives in different research areas. It is also expected that the KM3NeT Research Infrastructure implementation, by reinforcing technology and knowledge transfer in close cooperation with industry, fostering international exchanges and connecting various science fields, will have a substantial socio-economic impact. Finally, KM3NeT is on its path to serve as a role model for making fundamental research more sustainable.

The details of each of these outputs will be published in the project’s public deliverables and materials, which will be added to this web page throughout the duration of the project. In addition, dissemination material will be made available for public outcomes and results that could be transferred to other research infrastructures or experiments concerning restricted deliverables, such as those of WP2 and the WP3 Procurement plan (D3.1).

WP1: Project Management and Coordination

WP3: Accelerating Implementation

  • D3.2 – FIDES Analysis for all electronic board
  • D3.3 – Global RAMS report for all KM3NeT sub-systems

WP4: Data Management and Open Science

WP5: Sustainability and socio-economic impact

  • D5.1 – Report on the proposed procedures for sustainable travel and mobility
  • D5.2 – Report on the proposed transformation to green computing
  • D5.3 – Report on the decommissioning and recycling procedures
  • D5.4 – Socio-economic impact study for France and Greece
  • D5.5 – Report on the promotion of technology developments