The oversight, governance and management of the implementation and operation of KM3NeT-phase 2 is defined in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the funding authorities in December 2021.

KM3NeT elects its leadership. The day-to-day work of the collaboration is lead by the Spokesperson who is elected by the board of KM3NeT institutes for maximally four years. The Spokesperson chairs an elected management team with a Technical Project Manager coordinating the construction of the detectors and a Physics and Software manager for the execution of the science program of the collaboration.

The institutes hosting one of the installation sites in the Mediterranean Sea appoint in the management team a site manager responsible for the construction of the subsea and on-shore infrastructures and for the sea campaigns necessary for the deployment of detector components and their connection to the seafloor network.

Engineers and technicians work in the labs of the KM3NeT institutes on the construction and integration of the detector components. Individual scientists usually work in small groups, choosing the research areas and data that interest them most. Scientific output from the collaboration is shared by all members and is subject to rigorous internal review before results are made public.

Organisation of the KM3NeT Collaboration (status: 2023/11/09)