The KM3NeT Collaboration has adopted an open access policy with regulated free-of-charge access to the infrastructure and its data for scientific purposes.

However, the procedures defining the modalities of access, the selection procedures of external experiments and the technical constraints for connected instruments are currently under preparation. For this, the Open Science Committee of KM3NeT has been established.

Anyone wishing access to the infrastructure or the recorded data is kindly requested to send an email to


The Collaboration welcomes observers from any scientific field that may be interested in making use of the Research Infrastructure. Such external users, from other scientific communities or from industry, will have the opportunity to access oceanographic, acoustic and optical data from any of the deep sea sites, as well as to perform real-time and long-term experiments and test novel technologies in the extreme environment of the deep-sea.

Data access tools

Currently, tools for accessing the different data sets are in the process of being developed for the neutrino, as well as for the marine data.  Data access via an internet interface is foreseen and sample analysis programs for users will be provided.


The use of KM3NeT data by external scientists will require some training and will be provided through a virtual educational centre. Furthermore, both newcomers to the KM3NeT Collaboration and external scientists will be offered, face-to-face training meetings.