KM3NeT-INFRADEV was a HORIZON 2020 funded Coordination and Support Action, which lasted from January 2017 to October 2020, to prepare a legal entity for KM3NeT.

It aimed at providing a sustainable solution for the operation of the Research Infrastructure during ten (or more) years. The project was carried out within the context of the current KM3NeT Collaboration, which already had a provisional implementation of the management and governance of the Research Infrastructure in place.

In addition, other objectives were set within the project in order to prepare various services that the KM3NeT Collaboration intended to provide. These preparations were logically organised in corresponding work packages and were accompanied with deliverables that were linked with the objectives mentioned below.

  1. Legal and administrative activities for the setting-up, construction and operation of the KM3NeT Research Infrastructure; and for drafting a corresponding agreement between committed countries, in the form of a ‘signature-ready’ document;
  2. Establish standards for open access and rules for data usage;
  3. Implement a Code of Conduct and Ethical Behaviour and a diversity policy for the KM3NeT Collaboration.
  4. Implement an environmental impact assessment for KM3NeT installation sites;
  5. Establish cooperation with other institutes, stakeholders and a variety of other communities;
  6. Implement necessary preparatory steps to integrate KM3NeT into the multi-messenger astroparticle community;
  7. Develop a framework in which external users outside of the high energy astroparticle community can benefit from access to the KM3NeT Research Infrastructure;
  8. Transfer of technology;
  9. Develop a plan for making the three sites of KM3NeT carbon-neutral facilities.

KM3NeT-INFRADEV was supported by the European Commission Framework Programme Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation action under grant agreement n. 739560.