Ports for external users of the KM3NeT infrastructure

The KM3NeT Research Infrastructure will offer unique possibilities to perform real-time and long-term experiments and test novel technologies in the extreme environment of the deep-sea. For this, in the KM3NeT INFRAFEV project a framework will be developed for external users outside of the high-energy astroparticle community, that can benefit from access to the KM3NeT infrastructure. This includes the issue of making publicly available in a suitable format the wealth of data that are collected by the neutrino telescope sensors mostly for calibration purposes.

Services offered to external users are addressed to: (i) other science communities which need ‘plug and play’ infrastructures in extreme environments to perform their research aiming at taking data or installing new devices to measure oceanographic, acoustic and optical properties of the deep-sea sites; (ii) industries which need to perform real-time and long-term tests to qualify new instrumentation – e.g. deep sea connectors, cables and mechanical parts.

KM3NeT will provide free-of-charge access to the infrastructure and the data for scientific purposes. To realise this, the related modalities of access will be established, such as defining and preparing for the selection procedures of external experiments and preparing the structure for support services to the user. In addition a study to prepare for the commercial use of the facility will be pursued.

Read deliverables D8.1-D8.6.