Co-Chairs J. Schnabel and<td[

KM3NeT Management Team
P. Coyle spokesperson
R. Coniglione deputy spokesperson
M. L. Clark technical project manager
A. Heijboer physics and software manager
S. Biagi KM3NeT-It Installation Site Manager
N. Lumb KM3NeT-Fr Installation Site Manager
Ch. Markou KM3NeT-Gr Installation Site Manager
KM3NeT Institute Board
U. Katz chairperson
KM3NeT Resources Review Board
Chair S. Bentvelsen (NWO-I)
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee
E. Tzamariudaki and V. Van Elewijck
Conference Committee
Chair Ch. Markou
Outreach Committee
Co-Chairs M. Circella and G. De Wasseige
Open Science Committee
Co-Chairs J. Schnabel and R. Gracia





For speakers contact Ch. Markou, chair of the  Conference Committee.
For outreach material and/or events contact M. Circella or G. De Wasseige , co-chairs of the
Outreach Committee.
For questions about publications contact either the corresponding authors or A. Margiotta or E. Tzamariudaki, co-chairs of the Publication Committee. 


Social media

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @km3net

YouTube channel: KM3NeTneutrino