Towards full implementation of the KM3NeT Research infrastructure


The INFRADEV2 project, funded under the Horizon Europe programme, is the second INFRADEV action dedicated to the KM3NeT Research Infrastructure. Carried out within the current KM3NeT Collaboration efforts, INFRADEV2 aims to provide further resources towards the full implementation of the KM3NeT Research Infrastructure.

Launched in 2023 for a period of three years, it aims to support the creation of a KM3NeT legal entity, to accelerate the implementation of the detectors, develop the data management and open science practices and to ensure a sustainable future for the infrastructure.

In order to reach these objectives, INFRADEV2 involves six European partners of the Collaboration:

  • CNRS in France
  • CSIC in Spain
  • FAU in Germany
  • INFN in Italy
  • NCSR-D in Greece
  • NWO-I in the Netherlands