A sustainable future for the KM3NeT Research Infrastructure


INFRADEV2 WP5 is dedicated to environmental and socio-economic issues, in order to demonstrate KM3NeT as a role model for a research infrastructure with high sustainability standards and societal and environmental awareness.

Following the work done in the first INFRADEV project, WP5 will investigate possible solutions and identify procedures for transforming the daily activities of the KM3NeT community to a sustainable configuration as well as the potential impact of the KM3NeT decommissioning on the environment and define recycling schemes.

Regarding socio-economic issues, WP5 will study the expected impact of the KM3NeT infrastructure at the installation sites. Contacts with specific industrial partners will also be expanded and showcased in order to promote and enhance technology developments.

WP5 will ensure a sustainable future for the KM3NeT research Infrastructure.

The activities of WP5 are coordinated by Christos Markou, National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSR-D, Greece).

Associated deliverables:

  • D5.1 – Report on the proposed procedures for sustainable travel and mobility
  • D5.2 – Report on the proposed transformation to green computing
  • D5.3 – Report on the decommissioning and recycling procedures
  • D5.4 – Socio-economic impact study for France and Greece
  • D5.5 – Report on the promotion of technology developments