Here we will publish the deliverables of the KM3NeT INFRADEV project when they are ready and submitted to the EC.





D1.1   KM3NeT INFRADEV Kick-Off meeting report

D1.2  Periodic  Report Part B

D2.2  Connecting the KM3NeT project with the Ministries

D3.1  The KM3NeT Outreach and Communications Strategic Plan

D3.2  Report on the Outreach Material For KM3NeT 

D3.3  Report on the on-line communication of KM3NeT M3NeT Report on online presence

D4.1   KM3NeT Data Management Plan

D4.2   KM3NeT Report on ASTERICS Liaison

D4.3   KM3NeT Report on conceptual design of open data generation, archiving, test programs and access

D4.4   KM3NeT report on virtual education centre and training meetings: Setup, material, tools

D4.5   KM3NeT report on monitoring and quality control setup

D4.6   KM3NeT report on documentation strategy, environment and software

D5.1   Code of Conduct and Ethical Behaviour in KM3NeT

D5.2   Policy for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in KM3NeT

D5.3   Recommendations for assessing the impact of KM3NeT on the professional careers of its alumni 

D5.4   An environmental study for KM3NeT-Fr/ORCA

D5.6   An environmental impact study for KM3NeT-Gr 

D6..1   KM3NeT report on legal framework, advertisement and selection procedures for scientific exchanges 

D6.2   KM3NeT report on establishing selection criteria and a selection committee for scientific exchanges 

D6.3   KM3NeT report on working group meetings

D6.4   KM3NeT report on expert groups established, meetings held and agreements in preparation 

D6.5   KM3NeT report on Pilot Exchange Program 

D7.1   KM3NeT Report on the discussion on the Memorandum of Understanding with external astronomical partners

D7.2   Report on the online event reconstruction development in the KM3NeT neutrino observatory

D7.3   Report on the development of the realtime system to distribute neutrino alerts to the worldwide astrophysical community 

D7.4   Report on the implementation of the online SN detection system of KM3NeT 

D7.5   Report on the implementation of the online analysis framework of KM3NeT 

D8.1   Report on the rules of access for external users 

D8.2   Report on the manuals for external users

D9.1    KM3NeT Technology Exhibition material

D9.2   KM3NeT Report on the Technology Panel Activities

D9.5   Report on the Water Properties Measurement service 

D10.1  KM3NeT Report on contacts/discussions with power
companies / local authorities / potential partners

D10.2  KM3NeT Report on Carbon legal issues