Welcoming you back to KM3NeT.

The Collaboration is preparing to setup a KM3NeT-Alumni network. Why?

The aim is to provide KM3NeT-Alumni a platform for professional networking and exchange of  stories about careers beyond KM3NeT. Would you be interested? Or, what else would you appreciate from a KM3NeT-Alumni network?

The Collaboration would like to learn how its PhD students and young postdocs could be best prepared for a successful professional career. What are the skills that you needed most to start a career in industry, in a governmental organisation or as a teacher? Or, to what extend did your work  and training in KM3NeT help you with an academic career? How could the Collaboration improve in this respect?

If you are interested to join the network, please send an email to alumni@km3net.de.

Also, if you would be prepared for a short (oral or by email) interview about your professional career beyond KM3NeT, we are highly interested.

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