The KM3NeT Collaboration is committed to creating an inclusive working environment with equal opportunities for all talents. The Collaboration is building neutrino telescopes with detectors at the deepest locations of the Mediterranean Sea to search for the sources of high-energy cosmic neutrinos and to measure characteristics of lower-energy neutrinos generated in the Earth’s atmosphere. Recognising the importance of diverse teams for the successful realisation of this challenging endeavour, the Collaboration has adopted a policy strategy, which includes measures taken to provide a welcoming and inclusive working environment to all talents, regardless of characteristics such as, but not limited to gender, age, disability, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation and to support the professional advancement of all. The diversity policy also includes measurable goals for the number of women and early-career scientists in all positions, but in particular in leadership positions in the Collaboration.

A committee for ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in KM3NeT’ has been established.