Characterisation of photomultipliers for KM3NeT

31 May 2018 – Each KM3NeT optical sensor module contains 31 photomultiplier tubes. Each KM3NeT detection unit comprises 18 optical modules, i.e. a total of 18 x 31 = 558 photomultipliers. Together the ARCA and ORCA detectors of KM3NeT will comprise a total of 345 detection units, i.e. 345 x 558 =192,510 photomultipliers. So, you can imagine that it is important to very well understand the characteristics of these photomultipliers.

A new technical KM3NeT paper reports about the details of 7000 photomultipliers for the first building phase of KM3NeT. It has been published today in the Journal of Instrumentation (JINST). It is published for open access, so you can download the pdf for free:

Journal of InstrumentationVolume 13May