KM3NeT visits European Parliament in Strasbourg



2 October 2016 – During the Collaboration meeting last week in Strasbourg, KM3NeT visited the European Parliament.

The relation between the EU and KM3NeT is strong. It started in 2006, when the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures selected the KM3NeT neutrino telescope for EU’s roadmap for future research infrastructures. Until 2012, KM3NeT received financial support from the European framework programmes for its Design Study and Preparatory Phase. For the construction of the first phase of KM3NeT, EU provides indirectly support via its European Regional Development Fund.

Since 2015, the EU supports the ASTERICS project that aims at solving the Big Data challenge of European astronomy and will give the public access direct interactive access to some of the best of Europe’s astronomy images and data. KM3NeT participates in this EU project together with other research infrastructures like the radio telescope SKA, the high-energy gamma ray telescope CTA and the optical telescope E-ELT.

Soon, KM3NeT hopes to receive funding from EU’s H2020 programme for establishing the research infrastructure as a legal and sustainable entity.