New video: A visit to the PiMu Hall

23 December 2020 – All you always wanted to know about assembling KM3NeT components.

Jordan Seneca, researcher in the KM3NeT Collaboration produced an instructive video about the assembly of the KM3NeT optical modules and detection units. Together with his KM3NeT colleagues, he produced the video at the occasion of the annual scientific Jamboree of the Nikhef institute at the Science Park in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Nikhef is just one of the detector assembly sites of KM3NeT. Similar activities are taking place at many locations in KM3NeT in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Morocco, the Netherlands and Spain to produce the thousands of optical modules and hundreds of detection units for the ARCA and ORCA detectors.


We like to share the video which you can also find in the KM3NeT YouTube channel:

Tip: when you press the CC button when playing the video, you will get subtitles (on the desktop).


Happy Holidays!

The video ends with the PiMu Hall team wishing you happy holidays ?

The full KM3NeT collaboration joins them and adds wishing you a safe, healthy, successful and above all happy New Year ?