KM3NeT - strategy

KM3NeT 2.0 – ARCA and ORCA

KM3NeT-ARCA and ORCA10 May 2015: KM3NeT has defined the next step in the realisation of the research infrastructure in the deep seas of the Mediterranean: KM3NeT2.0 to conduct Astroparticle & Oscillations Resreach with Cosmics in the Abyss with ARCA and ORCA.More in the KM3NeT-Strategy Report 2015-05-06.




KM3NeT Strategy Document – Phased implementation of the KM3NeT Research Infrastructure

KM3NeT2.026 November 2014:  The KM3NeT Collaboration has published its strategy for a phased construction of the KM3NeT Research Infrastructure at three locations in the deep seas of the Mediterranean at the southern coasts of Europe. The first phase of construction has started with furbishing the KM3NeT-Fr and KM3NeT-It locations with both deep-sea and on-shore infrastructures to host several hundredths of optical sensors of the neutrino telescope and two Read more