The KM3NeT Collaboration reunited in Texel for its spring meeting

23 June 2024 – KM3NeT has met, in Texel (The Netherlands) and online, for its spring Collaboration meeting, hosted by NIOZ, the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research.

The meeting brought together collaborators in order to review the status of the ongoing analyses, Monte Carlo simulations and calibration efforts, for both the ARCA and ORCA detectors, and prepare exciting contributions to the Neutrino 2024 Conference.

During the week, the progress of detector construction was discussed, celebrating the achievement of assembling the 1,500th DOM. Additionally, plans for upcoming sea campaigns were refined.

Furthermore, Antoine Kouchner has been elected chair of the KM3NeT Institute Board, taking over from Uli Katz. The full Collaboration joins in thanking Uli for his outstanding work and wishes the best of luck to Antoine for the incoming endeavors!

The meeting was also the opportunity to welcome the new members of the Collaboration. Both the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy (Bonn, Germany) and the Khalifa University (United Arab Emirates) have been endorsed as Full Members, with Yuri Y. Kovalev and Satyendra Thoudam as PIs respectively.  Kristina Giesel from ECAP Erlangen (Germany) joined as a new Associated Member. Welcome to all of you!

It was wonderful to engage in fruitful discussions about recent scientific developments and to see the Collaboration continue to grow.

Thanks a lot to NIOZ for the hospitality and to the whole local team for the organization!

The next meeting is scheduled for late autumn in online mode.