The innovative science addressed by KM3NeT – novel investigation of the most energetic processes in the Universe, understanding the fundamental properties of the mysterious neutrino and the exploration of the deep abysses of the sea – comprises subjects which fire the imagination and are of great interest to the general public. In the context of the KM3NeT INFRADEV project an outreach and communication policy will be developed and implemented.

Through the many different outreach channels (web pages, social media, public presentations, exhibitions, app games, hands on experimentation, art installations, TV , radio, citizen science, etc.) the KM3NeT project will be promoted to the general public and to inspire an interest in the KM3NeT science and science in general.

Promotional and educational material will be developed; KM3NeT presence on social media and outreach events will be enhanced; exhibit material and video and VCR applications will be developed; and art/science collaboration or events will be setup.

The developed material and information about events will be collected at the ‘Outreach materials and events’ page.

Read the deliverable D3.1-D3.5.