Outreach material and events

In the context of the KM3NeT INFRADEV project, outreach material and events are developed targeting various groups. Here we store the material or give information about events.

Brochures for general public:

Brochures for industry:

KM3NeT for the general public:

Fete de la Science in La Seyne (France), 5-7 October 2018

KM3NeT and Arts

On request of the Nikhef Institute for subatomic research in Amsterdam (partner in KM3NeT), the Dutch artist Floris Tilanus made a drawing featuring the artist’s impression of the KM3NeT detector in the central entrance hall of the institute.  Marco Kraan made a video impression of the making of the drawing.

Tomás Saraceno, Multi-Messenger Control Room in Palais de Tokyo (Paris), 17/10/2018 – 6/1/2019

Laurent Mulot, Adoption, 9 October 2018

KM3NeT Exhibition material

Transparent models of the KM3NeT optical module and KM3NeT videos






Outreach at Fysica2019 conference of Netherlands Physical Society in Amsterdam.

Virtual reality: The KM3NeT experience (Carlos Maximiliano Mollo)


Augmented reality: Inside the KM3NeT detector (P. Coyle)

Virtual reality: Inside a KM3NeT event (A. Heijboer)

Panorama view from inside the KM3NeT detector.

Geplaatst door Aart Heijboer op Vrijdag 6 juli 2018