KM3NeT and Hyper-K team up

16 February 2016 – The two neutrino collaborations Hyper-Kamiokande and KM3NeT have signed a memorandum of understanding for exchange of know-how on detector technology and software development. Hyper-Kamiokande is to be the third generation water Cherenkov detector in Kamioka in Japan designed for nucleon decay searches and neutrino studies. In the Mediterranean Sea, KM3NeT will be the largest water Cherenkov detector designed for neutrino astronomy and neutrino physics research. The scientific objectives of Hyper-Kamiokande and KM3NeT are different and very wide, but they both share the objective to determine the ordering of the neutrino masses often referred to as the neutrino mass hierarchy. For this measurement, the ORCA detector of KM3NeT 2.0 will be optimised with an instrumented sea volume of about one megaton. The detector of Hyper-Kamiokande will consists of a underground water tank with a volume comparable to that of the ORCA. To intensify the co-operation to their mutual benefit the two collaborations intend to share knowledge and insights at joint scientific and technological meetings