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April 2008

At the VLVnT08 Workshop, the Conceptual Design Report for KM3NeT has been made public. Click here for a pdf version.

January 2008

The kick-off meeting of the KM3NeT Preparatory Phase project will take place in Catania, 10-11 March, 2008. The meeting will be followed by a General Assembly meeting of the KM3NeT Design Study project.

December 2007

At the International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications in Valencia, the presentation “KM3NeT, a Deep Sea Challenge for Neutrino Astronomy” by Ciro Bigongiari, IFIC, has been received one of the Best Paper awards of the conference. (view the paper)

December 18th, the Mid-term review of KM3NeT will take place in a meeting at CPPM, Marseille.

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November 2007

During a workshop in Amsterdam, 12-16 November, a first version of the Conceptual Design Report (CDR) for the KM3NeT facility has been produced. Look at the pictures. During the mid-term review of the design study at December 18th in Marseille, the CDR will be presented to the EU scientific officer. After official approval by the KM3NeT General Assembly the CDR will become public in April 2008, during the VLVnT08 workshop in Toulon.

Jos Engelen, Chief Scientific Officer of CERN in the ASPERA newsletter: “It is natural to get excited about astroparticle physics”. Read more

May 2007

May 2nd, 2007 the KM3NeT consortium has submitted a proposal for its preparatory phase in the European 7th frame work program (FP7).