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June 2012

After the conclusion of the Preparatory Phase the formation of a Collaboration for the first phase of KM3NeT is being prepared by senior scientists of KM3NeT.

March 2012

After a positive midterm review, the Dutch governement prolonges the position of KM3NeT on the Netherlands roadmap for Large Scale Research Infrastructures.

February 2012

On 20-23 February 2012, the KM3NeT consortium will conclude the Preparatory Phase with a General Assembly meeting in Catania.

November 2011

The Italian ministry of research has approved 20.8 MEuro for the construction of 30 KM3NeT detection units.

July 2010

The KM3NeT consortium has published a preliminary version of the Technical Design Report (TDR) for the KM3NeT research facility in the Mediterranean Sea. A printed version of the report is in preparation.

February 2010

On February 13, 2010 a succesfull deployment of an other mechanical model of a KM3NeT detection unit took place close to the candidate site near Capo Passero, Italy. Also this compact deployment method followed by unfurling was succesfully tested (see Quicktime movie)

November 2009

The Design Study terminated 31th October 2009. The resulting Technical Design Report (TDR) will be published early 2010. The consortium proceeds with the Preparatory Phase to prepare the construction of the KM3NeT telescope.

July 2009

During a dedicated KM3NeT workshop in Marseille, the contents of the Technical Design Report (TDR) for KM3NeT has been discussed. An editorial board has been appointed for the TDR which is expected to be published at the end of this year.

March 2009

At the TIPP09 conference on Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics, the poster presentation “Position Calibration for the KM3NeT Detector” of Holger Motz (ECAP, Erlangen, Germany) was selected for the proceedings to be published in NIMA. The conference convenors selected out of 116 poster presentations, the best 20, among which the presentation of Holger. poster (pdf), TIPP09

April 2008

At the VLVnT08 Workshop, the Conceptual Design Report for KM3NeT has been made public. Click here for a pdf version.